One question that is commonly asked amount prospective CNA students is whether or not you can actually take CNA classes online.

The answer is somewhat complex, and requires a little more explanation than youd think, so lets start from the top when trying to answer this. First of all, each state mandates what prospective CNA students or license applicants need to do in order to obtain their certification. Each state sets the amount of class time, clinical hours, and other requirements, and its usually the department of health that does this.

In making these rules, the department of health is trying to make sure that everyone is trained equally and thoroughly, and unfortunately this just cant be accomplished solely by taking online courses. In order to work in a health profession, you need to accumulate a physical skill set that helps you work with patients. These skills include things like transporting patients, taking medical measurements (blood pressure, etc.), and these things just cant be done without hands-on experience. Also, some states may not allow online training at all which means a person has to take classes in person and cant take CNA classes online or any type of distance learning courses.

With that said, there are some states that will allow a person to take the lecture portion of their training online, and then take the clinical (or hands-on portion) in person. While some states are willing to allow this kind of compromise for CNAs, others are not and require all of the class hours to be taken in person. This approach doesnt always work well for people who are busy or dont have the flexibility in their schedule to attend in-person classes, but nevertheless, its the way that it is, and there isnt really anything that can be done to change it. Its important to keep in mind though that CNA training programs dont last nearly as long as other nursing programs. For example, it takes up to 4 years (and sometimes more) to get an RN degree, and that also costs a tremendous amount of money too.

Thats another reason why many people choose to do their CNA training first, and then move onto pursuing an RN degree. People realize that they can get certified as a nurse aide, and then go out and work to earn money. Once they are earning money, they can pay for their tuition in an RN program or in a different kind of nursing course, and at the same time be gaining valuable career experience in health care industry. I hope that you enjoyed this post, because Ill be blogging more and more (and growing this site) about health care topics, something that I am really passionate about! Check back soon!